Winner of the American Medical Writers Association Award for the best trade book of 1991.

Diary of a Baby, by Daniel N. Stern, M.D., provides an adorable synopsis of significant developmental leaps that a baby goes through from six weeks until four years of age.  Writing from an infant’s point of view, Stern takes the reader through a journey of what a baby sees, feels, and experiences.  The book is concise at 165 pages, and both easy and fun to read.  Stern studied medicine at Harvard University and for more than thirty years worked in research and private practice focusing to the observation of infants.  He is also the father of five children, and his personal experiences directly influenced this book.  A noted author, professor, researcher, and therapist, Stern weaves together facts derived from infant research, the undeniable importance of emotional bonding as evidenced in the clinic setting, and a creative writing style.  The result is a book that gives a quick yet layered understanding of baby at six weeks, four and a half months, twelve months, twenty months, and four years.   This book is the perfect gift for a new parent.  Sadly, Diary of a Baby is currently out of print.  However, copies can usually be found at and  After you read it, please pass it on to another new mom!

Diary of a Baby:  What your child sees, feels, and experiences:  by Daniel N. Stern M.D. (New York: Basic Books, 1990).


  1. Reading ‘Diary of a Baby,’ at Donna’s suggestion, gives me such insight into my toddler daughters life and mind. I found the book especially enlightening in the early months. Better understanding of her mental/emotional processes and abilities helped with early parenthood anxiety and made me slow down a bit to take the time to see the world through her (big beautiful blue) eyes. I recommend the book to all my friends who are expecting or having some difficulty parenting a young child.

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