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Each movement featured in our stellar caterpillar’s skills list teaches baby something important, such as strength or stretch, and prepares her to learn a new and more complex skill.  Rochel learned to kick her legs, feel comfortable in tummy time, and lift her head high off of the mat.  Her mother also practiced the lesson on the geometry of the ribcage, rolling her on her side from time to time so she could feel her ribs.  On her own, Rochel has already figured out how to roll from her belly onto her back.  In this video we  show Rochel how to roll from her back to her belly by connecting the skills of kicking the legs, rolling on the ribcage, tummy time, and lifting the head.  This is why it is so important for baby to learn each of these motor skills….they lead to the more complex skill of rolling.

By holding her left leg just above the knee joint I can more easily connect to her pelvis, which is one of the heaviest bones in the body.  By holding her left arm just above the elbow I feel the connection to her ribcage.  Gently guiding her leg and arm steers the center of her body, the torso and ribcage.  A little assistance with the final turn of the pelvis shifts her weight all the way onto her belly and she lifts her head up.  Rochel has learned to put her head down as we guide her to roll onto her back.  The slow pace of this movement is essential for her brain to learn the sequence. Then she may discover it on her own later.  By repeating this sequence with her for a few minutes every day, she will slowly find it on her own.  Roll Rochel, Roll!

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  1. Had to tear myself away, fascinating.

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