Alignment is the term used to describe how the bones of the human body are stacked up.  Babies benefit from optimal alignment because their movement is quick, efficient, and easy on the muscles and joints.  When the bones are not stacked up in a favorable alignment, such as in a baby who sits with her spine curved like the letter “C,” her muscles work too hard and she is not stable.  This makes it very difficult for her to move.  Remember how you took your car in to have the wheels aligned last Spring?  The mechanic was looking at the placement of all the parts making the wheels turn.  His job is to align the tires, put the tires in exactly the places which produce the most efficient driving.

For much of the first six months, baby is lying on the floor.  She plays and sleeps on her belly, on her back, and on her side.  The importance of alignment comes in when babies learn sitting and standing.  At this stage, babies learn to deal with gravity as they bring more and more of their bones into the upright position.  The principles of alignment are governed by the laws of natural forces such as gravity.  The human body learns to overcome these forces when moving into the upright position.  Baby’s first year includes tasks of overcoming gravity such as sitting, standing, and walking.  The better aligned the spine is, the easier it is for baby.  And, remember, we all wish the stars were aligned when our babies were born!

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