Madison looks to the stars!

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Madison learned to lift her head just ten days ago.  Her mother practiced this movement skill with her for about ten or fifteen minutes once and sometimes twice a day.  Today, in order to assist Madison in lifting the head a little bit higher, I tapped her pelvis gently against the floor with my hand to show her how to use it as a base of support.  The result? Madison lifted her head even higher!  The more her pelvis could lean on the floor, the more her head could lift up toward the sky, especially since the muscles have been learning to work for a couple of weeks now. They developed some strength and are ready to lift more weight.  As she rolled onto her back to take a rest, Madison looked pleased with her new accomplishment!


One of the most important milestones of a baby is the motor skill of lifting the head.  Babies learn this skill very gradually.  First, they learn to lift it just a little bit, maybe only and inch or so off of the floor.  The muscles in the back and neck are only beginning to work.   After practicing for a week or so, baby can begin to lift her head a bit higher.  It is easier for her to learn this if she has something interesting to look at when she lifts her head, such as her mother’s face or a favorite toy.  After lifting the head a bit higher, baby learns to hold her head up for awhile longer before putting it down again from muscle fatigue.  Soon, baby can play on her stomach and keep her head up for a very long time. The development of infant head control leads to an improved use of the upper body when playing on the stomach and excellent posture in the sitting position. For Madison, just over two months old, things are certainly looking up!


  1. good job Madison!
    Makes me more aware of my neck muscles and their role in posture.

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