Rochel Sits Regally

baby sitting up

Baby Rochel learned to lift her head at about three months and then spent a lot of time playing on her stomach.  She was very comfortable and happy to be on her tummy with her head held high.  For the next few months she played on her tummy, and her back and neck muscles developed much strength.  When Rochel was around six months old, she began sitting.  Immediately, she sat with beautiful posture….like a queen with a very straight back and her head in line with her spine waiting to hold a diamond tiara.   Of course, it helps that Rochel’s favorite color to wear is pink, diamond tiaras look more fashionable with pink!  As she watched her daughter sitting and playing with a toy, Rochel’s mother proudly said, “EVERYBODY comments on how beautiful her posture is!”

Development of a Baby:  muscles for sitting

Babies’ motor skill development progresses from one skill to the next in a manner where the preceeding skill prepares the muscles and bones of the baby for the succeeding movement.  The infant motor skill of lifting the head strengthens the muscles of the neck and back while developing the appropriate curves in the bones of the spine.   The muscles of the back, often referred to as the “anti-gravity muscles,” help our bodies overcome the force of gravity which could topple us over.  Each action of lifting the head strengthens these muscles which run along the length of the spine and keep us upright.


After a few months of lifting the head, baby sits up with beautifully erect posture.  Without the skill of lifting the head, baby would sit with her spine in a letter “C” shape, lacking the curves in the neck that helps develop balance.  In this “C” posture, baby falls over.  With the curve in the neck developed, it counterbalances the rest of the spine and stabilizes baby in the sitting position.  While sitting, baby maintains balance as she turns to reach for a toy or looks up at her mother.  She is stable and confident in this position.

Rochel’s star sits elegantly in the sky!

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