To date, the most important book written on the subject of nutrition is this one.  Dr. Henry Bieler was a general physician who prescribed dietary changes for his patients to heal their symptoms of disease or discomfort.  Based in the science of endocrinology, this book explains how eating the foods one digests easily promotes healing and optimal health.  Dr. Bieler describes the foods that stimulate our glands and fatigue them, leading to illness, then presents his simple remedies which allow the glands to rest and heal.  The infamous “Bieler’s Soup” is discussed throughout the book.  This puree of zucchini, string beans, and Italian parsley brings the body to a more alkaline state, aids in digestion, and provides important vitamins and minerals.

Dr. Bieler wrote this book after over fifty years in practice treating movie stars, coal miners, politicians, professionals and seeing thousands of healthy babies into the world.  He guided women’s nutrition through pregnancy and usually she avoided morning sickness.  After the birth of the baby, he taught the mother how to feed her infant during the first year and minimize illness and teething pain.  He was far ahead of his time, as many books published today touch on topics he was discussing in depth back in the 1960′s.  This book is recommended for everyone.  Read it today!

Food Is Your Best Medicine:  by Henry G. Bieler, M.D.  (New York:  Random House, 1965).

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