“When a Cuddly Crib Puts the Baby in Danger,” Wall Street Journal, 4/19/11

New construction standards for cribs begin this June, making it illegal to make, sell, or resell a crib in the U.S. that does not meet federal standards.  These new tough standards prohibit drop-down sides, and require stronger slats, mattress supports and hardware.  The goal is to reduce the number of accidents associated to these parts of the crib’s construction.  However, as this Wall Street Journal article explains, these regulations do not cover what is placed inside the crib that can be perilous as well.  The video baby monitors, pile of stuffed animals, puffy bumpers, extra blankets, positioning pillows, and low-hanging mobiles all present danger and should be removed. As we mention often on Stellar Caterpillar blog, baby will move when you least expect it.  The incidents of babies getting tangled in the baby monitor power cords, suffocating by rolling onto a stuffed animal which blocks the nose and mouth, and pulling down a mobile that gets wrapped around the neck are all examples of incidents cataloged by emergency rooms annually.  Take some time to read the details of the article,  and make safety a priority.  You will learn, the best crib is a bare one!


  1. I put my daughter into a big girl bed when she was two and a half years old. It just depends on how big they are. But the thing is I bought a bed rail. (I really can not remember what it is called.) It is like when you put a plastic gate by the stairs but this is for the bed. You hook it on one side of bed so they will hit that as they roll and not fall off. I used to put my daughter in the very middle of her bed and she knew if she rolled she would either roll into the rail or gate. It would take her a bunch of rolls to get to the other side where she could fall off. She never fell off the bed. I think it was because of the size of the bed as well. I looked around for some on-line sources but could not find any. I would look at a child store. . . maybe where you can trade old stuff for newer things. You might find one there, since this was kind of an older item.

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