“So Cute, So Hard on a Marriage,” Wall Street Journal, 4/28/11

After baby comes home, marital partners face difficulties in their relationship under the pressures of overwhelming responsibilities combined with lack of sleep, hormonal changes, and physical exhaustion.  This article presents the fact that numerous studies show a couples’ satisfaction with their relationship declines significantly after baby is born.  In light of this, many professionals in mental health are creating programs to teach relationship skills to couples prior to baby’s birth.  This article presents a few of these programs and organizations devoted to family relationships addressing this problem.  It describes teaching parents-to-be “pre-emptive steps” of parenting along with childbirth education classes.


Stellar Caterpillar lessons fit in with the family relationship building program.  After baby comes home from the hospital, these lessons teach parents how to engage with the baby on a daily basis as he learns movement skills.  Parents learn to see how the tiny movements baby makes snowball to a grand skill such as rolling or crawling, enabling the couple to be involved on a daily basis in the wonder of learning to move.  When parents understand what baby is learning and how to guide the learning process at home, they share the wonder and joy of these moments.

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