Why is “eating” listed under movement skills?  Because there are many muscles involved in the activity of eating.  Some of the actions of eating include sucking, swallowing, salivation, moving the tongue, and chewing.  Babies are born with some reflexes for these processes and other movements are learned skills.  For example, sucking is a reflex present at birth while chewing is learned slowly.  One bite at a time baby learns the skill of pushing food around with his tongue and eventually swallowing it.

There is much to learn about the process of eating and curious parents will benefit from understanding how these skills evolve and how to guide them in their development.  A series of blog posts will explore several dimensions of these movements and we welcome comments with questions for further discussion.  Let’s start the next few posts by examining some of the following questions:


  1. Which movements are reflexive and which are learned?
  2. Are all babies born with the reflexive actions, such as sucking?
  3. When do babies begin to develop the ability to eat?
  4. What is taste and when does it develop?
  5. What tastes do they prefer?

Stellar caterpillar blog will explore many of these questions and teach simple techniques to guide baby along the way to hearty eating skills.

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