The “Wisdom” series presents observations spoken by experienced grandmothers that should be heard by all mothers.


I went to a party in Hollywood on Saturday night.  It was a birthday party for a friend who had just won a couple of Grammys for his music.  When I attend a party, everyone I meet is intrigued by this work with babies and eager to learn about it.  This party was no exception.  I struck up a conversation with a lovely British woman named Hazel, another kind of “Grammy,” who has raised two children and now has four grandchildren.  Hazel recounted one of her own stories that contained a pearl of wisdom I would like to share.  While an infant, her first born daughter developed a rash on her upper back near her shoulder.  It would not go away and Hazel took her to the pediatrician to get a prescription ointment of some kind.

She was shocked when the wise doctor looked first at her baby girl, then turned to her and asked, “Have you been buying her expensive clothes?”  Hazel recounted her embarrassed reply, “I sheepishly smiled at him and said a quiet “Yes”.”  He then instructed her, “I want you to go out and buy a few simple cotton dresses – very plain dresses made of cotton with no embroidery, no ribbons, no snaps, and no buttons.  Those are the things that are irritating her skin when she moves.”  Hazel said, “He was right.  I did exactly as he told me and the rash went away.  From that day forward, I dressed her in designer baby clothing only for taking pictures and plain cotton dresses for moving around.  She was much happier because she was more comfortable.  And I was happier as well.”

P.S.  As I shared this story with another experienced Grandmother, she said, “Oh, and the labels!  I used to always cut them out because they can be irritating as well.”

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