Stellar Caterpillar Blog is a baby blog for parents, grandparents, caregivers, nannies, pregnant women, and anyone else interested in learning how we learn to move once we come into this world.  One of the simplest ways to learn about the development of a baby from this blog is to read the bi-weekly posts, also known as entries.

All posts are placed into categories listed on the left-hand side of the screen and assigned “tags,” that appear in a cluster, called a “tag cloud,” on the right-hand side. Categories and tags organize the numerous posts on a blog.  Think of how a book is organized with chapters and an index.  The categories are the chapters and the tags are the index.  The size of the font used in each word in the tag cloud represents how many times that tag has been assigned to a post.  Thus, the smaller the font the fewer the posts and the larger the font the more posts associated with it.

Stellar Caterpillar Blog guides people through the process of how baby learns motor skills and has created chapters associated with those skills.  If you would like to learn about a particular movement skill, click on the category on the left-hand side of the screen.  If you would like to learn what skills may be relevant to a topic such as “balance,” “strength,” or the age of your baby (“3-6 months”) click on the tag in the tag cloud and the relevant posts appear.  You may also use the “Search It” window to enter a keyword to see if related posts pop up on your topic.  Read the bi-weekly posts and you will learn how baby masters the milestones.


A blog is an interactive forum.  Blog authors often write frequently and usually welcome your comments.  Stellar Caterpillar Blog invites both comments and questions.  At the top of each post is the title. Located underneath the title at the top of the post are the date posted and the words “Leave a Comment.”  Also, at the bottom of each post are the words “Leave a Comment.”  Place your cursor over the words “Leave a Comment” (either at the top or bottom) and click on it.  A form appears called “Leave a Reply,” which you fill out and submit.  “Comment awaiting moderation” appears to let you know that your reply is waiting for my review and approval.  Once I review it, I will publish it on the blog in most cases.  If you ask a question, I can leave you a reply in the comment section of the blog, email you directly, or create a blog post answering your question in detail.  Please take a moment and write a comment/question.


Through sharing the blog with others we create a community devoted to understanding how babies learn to move and how best to guide them along the way.  We learn from each other’s stories and questions and smile or laugh at each other’s babies.  Stellar Caterpillar Blog also becomes a place where distant family members can watch baby kick or roll for the first time since videos and photos are integral to the site.  Please pass the link to a friend!


  1. Its not my first time to visit this site; I am browsing this site daily and getting nice information.

  2. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation. It seems too complex for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

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