A Stellar Caterpillar is a baby who spends time in each of the significant developmental phases of movement.  Babies improve gross motor skills such as rolling, crawling, standing, and walking.  Babies even learn to enjoy tummy time!  Babies who receive Stellar Caterpillar movement lessons enter toddlerhood confident in themselves and eager to try new experiences. They are particularly curious and engage with people and activities that intrigue them.  Mothers receive compliments on their child’s posture.  Coaches are impressed with their coordination and stability.  Friends notice their courage to tackle physical challenges and how much fun they have playing with movement.  Family members comment on how “advanced” they seem to be as they watch them galloping across the room at such a young age. Baby enters the toddler years with a positive self-image.

How can my baby become a Stellar Caterpillar?

READ!  WRITE!  SHARE! Read stellarcaterpillar.com to learn about the movement skills, ask questions in the comment section, and share the link with other interested parents to develop our community.  Learn the techniques to guide baby through the motor developmental phases from the Stellar Caterpillar baby movement lessons.

Where can I find Stellar Caterpillar infant movement lessons?

Contact Donna for private lessons and/or group classes at donna@stellarcaterpillar.com.  Those living out of town may be able to arrange a session via Skype.

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