At seven months, Madison shows us how to scoot:

a seven month old baby demonstrates the motor skill of scooting

First I feel how my knees can bend in toward my chest...

A seven month old baby feels her feet get pressed into the floor with her knees bent.

...then I feel my feet firmly press against the solid ground.

A baby focuses on the feeling of her feet pressing into the floor.

This is an interesting feet are being gently pressed into the floor.

A baby scoots while in a Stellar Caterpillar motor skill lesson

....oops....scoot! What happened when I pressed my feet into the floor?!?

A baby prepares to scoot by pressing both feet into the floor.

Let's try it again!

A baby scoots during a motor skills lesson.

I did it again! I can scoot!


Scooting, an important motor activity for babies, can occur while she is lying on her stomach or on her back.  It can be an important step toward developing the strength and the skill of pushing against the floor.  This action of pushing against the floor gives  movement much more power.  The above scoot, performed while lying on the back, also develops the muscles that extend the hips (straighten the legs).  These muscles are also used in crawling and walking.  The short and quick burst of the scooting movement can be fun and playful!

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