What do baby diapers have to do with baby learning to crawl?  A lot, actually.


A wet diaper is a heavy diaper.  Not to mention that it makes baby uncomfortable and can lead to diaper rash.  A baby can feel when her diaper is wet and heavy and often she is not happy about it.  If ahe is not happy, she is not likely to explore new movements such as crawling.  If baby is content she is much more interested in playing with new movements.  So, what is the best way to keep baby dry, clean, sweet, and happy?  It is quite simple, you need to stay on it!   Keep checking the diaper to see if it needs to be changed, and when it does please change it immediately.


Not too small…

Remember that babies need to be comfortable.  Therefore, the diapers must have a good fit.  Diapers that are too small put too much pressure on the hip joints making it difficult for baby to move. The hip joints also must be free for baby to step down a stair. The tightness of the diaper may also cut off circulation and put pressure on the lower back.  The breathing can be negatively effected as the pelvis and abdomen become restricted.

Not too big…

When diapers are purchased that are too big there is excess material that impedes movement.  It pushes the legs too far away from the pelvis and widens structure of the hip joints.  She may still manage to crawl, but usually her legs will be too wide.  Since the bones are still soft at this age, the large diaper can negatively influence the developing alignment of her legs and knees.

….but Just Right!

A diaper that fits just right is very comfortable for baby.  They are able to crawl around and climb up and down stairs without any hesitation.  Her hip joints can move freely, her pelvis can shift from side to side, and she travels quite quickly with some practice.  We all know the image of a smiling baby crawling quickly across the floor with the pelvis moving from side to side.

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