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As baby masters the motor milestones and climbs with confidence, it is important for parents to keep in mind several safety concerns.  In fact, baby enjoys climbing.  Baby sees a challenge and wonders, “Can I do that,” or “Can I sit up there,” or “Can I get to that toy?”  This is why they often start climbing the furniture in the house.  They have no understanding that it is not designed for them to climb on or over.  Recently, we discussed singing  “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, “ to discourage them from climbing furniture.

Another safety concern is, ‘Will my baby figure out how to climb out of his crib?”  Watch the video above from chambonito’s youtube channel to see Sammy demonstrate one way of how baby climbs out of the crib.  Please note that serious accidents can happen when babies attempt this.  The baby boy in the above video is extremely careful as he climbs out, which demonstrates to parents how it is possible to achieve this feat.  This boy’s parents woke up one morning and found him outside of his crib.  They grabbed their video camera and put him back in the crib to learn how it happened.  Next, a wise decision was made to purchase a new crib for safety.  It probably was much taller so he could not get his leg up on the bar.  Although this baby is 18 months old, I have seen videos with babies as young as 13 months old achieving the same goal.

Please remember to look at the height of the crib bars relative to the top of baby’s head.  If the baby is too tall, he can put his foot up on the top bar and begin his climb.  Another important thing to keep in mind is that sometimes babies learn to climb out of their playpens too.


  1. You need to find a way to move your baby out of your bed into his own while maintaining his security. Just leaving him to cry will not achieve this and you will end up with a very stressed, apologetic baby. On the other hand, it is well recognized that a baby’s sleeping habits are basically cast in stone by around four months of age. In other words, if he is in your bed at four months it will be traumatic to move him out of your bed until he is old enough to Understand that you have your bed and he has his. And that it does not mean you do not want to be with HIM (usually at around four years old.) My advice–buy a bassinet if you do not have one. Put baby to sleep on your bed next to you in the bassinet. When he cries, comfort HIM quickly with your voice, but do not pick HIM up. Keep soothing until he settles. Put him to sleep in the bassinet during the day too, whichever room you are in at the time. If he cries, soothe with your voice and touch but do not even pick HIM up. Eventually he will associate security with the bassinet and Mom will not fret as long as you are close. At this stage place the bassinet in the crib for His daytime sleep. Be quick to soothe but do not pick up. When this starts to go smoothly try it at night. You will not get much sleep the first nights but he will settle after a few days. I have had four babies, all sleeping through the night in their own bed from 8 weeks. They all still sleep right through. I never have to get up for them unless they are sick. Both in the long run you and he will sleep better and be healthier if you establish a good sleep pattern now.

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