a five-month old baby enjoys tummy time

a five month old baby learn to roll onto her tummy for tummy-time


Mastering tummy-time is a significant developmental milestone for baby.  Several skills are acquired during this playtime with her belly on the floor. Lifting the head strengthens neck and back muscles for posture, pressing down with her hands develops a strong upper body for crawling, and stretching the trunk and hip muscles prepare her alignment for standing upright.  To guide her from the position of tummy-time to the motor skill of rolling, gently lift one side of her pelvis a little while you bend up the knee of the same side.  Turn her slowly onto her back while you guide her with your hands on her leg and hip.  Your hands show her where she needs to move her body parts to turn herself.  Soon, she will do this on her own.


After studying Stellar Caterpillar Tummy-Time Tips,  guide baby into some daily play time on her belly.  With a few interesting toys within her reach and your supportive instruction, she will gain both comfort and strength while on her belly.  She will learn to enjoy this position.  Soon, she should learn how to transition herself into and out of tummy-time.  Babies are most confident and independent when they can get places on their own.  This means they have the skill of getting in and out of tummy-time, sitting, crawling, standing, and any position of rest or play.  They learn to go from a stationery position to a movement of locomotion.  For example, in the above photos Donna guides five-month-old Zizu from tummy time into a roll.  Soon, Zizu will learn to play on her tummy and them roll across the floor to a new location.

A FEW transitions to/from positions FOR baby:

  • Rolling to Tummy-Time/Tummy-Time to Rolling
  • Rolling to Sitting/Sitting to Rolling
  • Crawling to Sitting/Sitting to Crawling
  • Crawling to Standing/Standing to Crawling


Learn to put baby down on the floor (on her back) and and observe how she transitions into the movement she would like to do.  Even if she has learned to stand and side-cruise, occasionally put her down  on the floor and see how she moves herself from her back into the standing position.  If she loves to be on her tummy, how does she roll there?  If she is enjoying sitting, put her on the floor on her back and see how she rolls and comes to sit.  Independence means the ability to move in and out of these positions.  When a toddler has gone through all of her milestones in a skillful way, you can put her down on the floor on her back and observe how she gets up.  She will roll to sit to crawl to stand to walk all in a few quick seconds.  It is the developmental sequence right before your eyes!

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