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When a baby learns to come into the sitting positon on his own, it is a wonderful accomplishment!  Watch Maddoxx in the above video from Jillybomb’s youtube channel.  Notice how he is shifting his weight in many different directions while sensing where he feels secure so he can lift his torso a bit more upright.  Slowly, over the course of the four minute video, he learns where to feel support for him to sit up.  By bringing his pelvis down so it is more in contact with the floor, he is able to bring his head and torso more upright.  Near the end of the video he is sitting up with his hands still on the floor.  He is rocking back and forth so he learns to shift his weight toward the back of his pelvis so then he can sit completely upright. He does this successfully by the end of the video!

While Maddoxx is experimenting with shifting his weight we can hear his mother in the background praising him with words specific to what he is doing.  When he crawls just a bit she says, “I saw you just shuffle your knees.”  It is as if she is holding his hand with her voice.  She is with him every moment of the discovery of this motor skill through her encouraging words so he knows that what he is doing is good, safe, and that he should continue.  At the end of the video Maddoxx sits with excellent posture and a big smile on his face.  What a proud caterpillar, and a stellar one too!

Please read our post “Why Babies Love Sitting Up” for more information on the motor skill development of sitting.


  1. The Madoxx video is outstanding. The pleasure the baby feels at the new found movement skill is pure joy for anyone experiencing it or observing it. The parent captured a precious moment.

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