BOOK REVIEW: “Games to Play with Babies”


Every mother is looking for ways to interact with her baby.  Games for baby, or baby play, are simple activities that every mother can learn to do with baby at home.  Author Jackie Silberg compiled a book of over 225 simple activities that every mom can learn. As baby’s social, motor, and cognitive skills evolve with each new month of development, mom needs to learn new games to challenge baby’s emerging abilities.  Silberg’s “Games to Play with Babies” is a handbook of bonding and stimulating activities for moms and babies.  Organized by age from birth to month twelve and categorized by developmental benefit, moms also learn more about the development of baby as they play Silberg’s games.  Topics include:

  • Bonding with Baby
  • Five Senses
  • Developing Trust
  • Body Awareness
  • Shapes and Colors
  • Speech Development


Using simple rhymes, sounds, rhythm, touch, and basic toys, every mom has exactly what she needs to engage with baby through these games.  An early game for newborn babies through age three months involves touching baby’s skin with various objects of soft textures, such as a piece of silk, a cotton ball, and a blanket.  She can feel the subtle variations in texture against her skin.  Later in the year, a game for speech development sits baby in the high chair with a doll, a block, and a ball in front of her.  Mom says “This is a doll.  This is a block.  This is a ball.”   She repeats a few times and soon asks “Which one is the ball?”   Baby will soon point to the ball.  Each game is simple yet stimulating for baby.  Silberg’s book also makes a great baby shower gift.

Games to Play with Babies: by Jackie Silberg.  (Lewisville:  Gryphon House, 2001).

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