first doll for baby

Waldorf Blanket Doll


When I teach motor skill classes for moms and babies, the most popular baby toy in the room for both boys and girls is usually my doll.  Babies love human faces, and they love to look closely at the face on a doll.  They hold it and touch the eyes, kiss the face, and eventually put one of it’s hands into their mouth.  Moms usually ask, “What kind of doll should I get for her?”  This holiday season consider buying a Waldorf Blanket Doll which is a perfect first doll for baby.  A cross between a doll and a favorite blanket, this doll is easy to manipulate and carry around.  It is perfect for newborn babies up to age two and at eleven inches long it makes a great stocking stuffer.  It is a Fair Trade Toy and is made of natural materials that are safe for teething.  It also makes a unique baby shower gift.


This blanket doll is part of a group of dolls known as “Waldorf Dolls.”  Developed by Rudolf Steiner in 1919, Waldorf Education is a method of educating children through teaching academic subjects in a dynamic and pictoral way with the goal of fostering internal motivation for learning and discovery.  Waldorf schools are often very brightly colored, cheerful, and full of activity.  Waldorf toys are designed to invite imagination into play.  Stellar Caterpillar highly recommends the online retailer Bella Luna Toys for purchasing toys for babies and children.  The Waldorf dolls are made of non-toxic materials and are designed with embroidered faces that have minimal expression so the baby can use her imagination to see a variety of expressions such as laughing or crying.  In comparison, hard plastic dolls have fixed expressions.  Sarah Baldwin, founder of Bella Luna Toys, is an experienced Waldorf teacher and mother.  Please read her article “An Introduction to Waldorf Dolls” for more information.  This holiday season, Bella Luna Toys is a great resource for toys fostering motor skill development and creativity.

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