This holiday season, choose simple toys that invite motor skill development. Sometimes the most simple objects require the most use of baby’s body parts which facilitates the development of motor skills.  That is the real DIY!  Skip the expensive and space-consuming jumper and exersaucers and choose to “keep it simple and developmental.”


baby rattles

For Newborns: Maraca Baby Rattle and Pewter Dumbell Rattles The maraca is the perfect first baby rattle.  The simple stick handle on this maraca rattle is perfect for their tiny hands to hold.  They can hear the swoosh of the grains of sand inside as they develop the coordination of their hand and arm for the motor skills of grasping and reaching.

classic pewter baby rattle

Classic Dumbell Rattle-made of pewter Prices vary depending on material.  The simple stick handle makes it easy to hold and the added weight of the pewter or silver develops baby’s strength.  This classic endures and makes a lovely family heirloom.












Baby's first ball

The O-Ball

An excellent toy for the motor skill development of cruising.  At under $10, the O-Ball is our favorite first ball for baby.  It is lightweight and the small bars are easy for baby’s tiny fingers to grip.  Available at many baby toy retailers.




first doll for baby that is part blanket and part doll

Waldorf Blanket Doll

A Waldorf blanket doll.  $22.  Part doll and part “blankie,” this is a perfect first doll for baby.  Approximately 11 inches long, it has a face and hands that are made of non-toxic materials safe for teething. The “blankie” makes it easy for an infant to carry and manipulate.  (Most dolls are not easily managed by baby until she is a toddler.) From



baby with sippy cup

A baby drinks from a Lollacup, a sippy cup with a straw.


Lollacup, which retails for about  $16, is  a new and improved sippy cup.  This is the newest and smartest sippy cup on the market.  It is made of BPA free materials and has a weighted straw so parents can teach baby to drink through a straw.  This skill is an important one in the development of a baby…and made in the USA!  Available from or directly from




baby rattle with bells

Babies enjoy bells

Bells, bells, bells.  Babies can not get enough of them.  They come inside a baby rattle, on a stick, or in a box.  You can find them in a music store in the toddler section, in baby toy selections, or make one yourself with a small box and a few individual bells.  At every stage of development you can find a baby toy with bells that she will enjoy ringing.


Enjoy baby’s first Christmas!

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