Stellar Caterpillar would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season and a bright and beautiful 2013!  As we take some time to relax over the holiday we have posted links to the top 5 posts of the year from stellarcaterpillar.com.  Just in case you missed them or are new to our site, here is your chance to catch them!

  1. Virtual Lessons for the Motor Skill of Crawling, parts 1 – 3:  Stellar Caterpillar connects with parents around the world to help parents guide babies toward skillful movement.  Watch the progress of one of our students on the other side of the country as this baby learns to crawl.
  2. Baby Toys:  Unplugged vs. Electronic:  In our age of technology their are an abundance of electronic baby toys available on the market.  This posts provides tips for parents on choosing baby toys that foster motor skill develop and provide entertainment.
  3. Baby Development:  Sitting:  Watch baby Maddox discover the motor skill of sitting up for the very first time.  Observe the joy that a baby feels when he learns to sit on his own, without being put into the sitting position by someone else.
  4. Baby Stepping Reflex:  This post explains how babies are born with a reflex that causes them to take steps as they are put on their feet and inclined forward slightly.  Learn the difference between the involuntary movement of baby reflexes and the voluntary movement of motor skills.
  5. Baby Rattles:  How to Introduce a Rattle:  When a baby is learning the motor skill of grasping and reaching for the first time, learn tips for how to successfully introduce a rattle for baby play time.

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