Question from a mother in class:

My 3 1/2 month old baby is getting more used to tummy time, but she still does not love it.  Do you have any ideas?

Stellar Caterpillar answers:

Try baby’s tummy time in different locations in your home so she has different environments to stimulate her vision.  Sometimes place her facing a big window such as a sliding glass door.  This is wonderful because at this age babies see light very well.  If you have a pet you might place them where they can see the pet moving since babies also see movement very well.  I highly recommend to all mothers to get down on your tummy in front of your baby so that when she lifts her head she can see your face.  The different environments to stimulate her curiosity through the sense of sight which will motivate her to keep her head up a bit longer.

One week later, the mother returned to class and said “Changing the environment definitely helped.  She seems to stay with her head up a bit longer and is enjoying it.”  (Some tummy time solutions may be more simple than you think.)  Even if baby is enjoying her tummy time you it can be interesting to place her so she has changes of scenery when she lifts her head.  The motor skill of lifting the head is one of the earliest skills baby develops.  When she is intrigued by the fact that when she lifts her head she can see something interesting or someone she knows, she will want to keep her head up longer.  The action of lifting her head strengthens her neck and back muscles and prepares her for many motor skills down the road.  It is worth the effort to try and get baby to the point that she not only tolerates tummy time, but she enjoys it!



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