We would like to share a few quotes from our “Inspiration” board on Pinterest for all mother’s of babies, teachers of children, grandmothers, aunts, nannies, babysitters, and friends and neighbors who lend a hand in the community of raising healthy and happy babies. ┬áNurturing can be done by many individuals, so in these quotes the word “mother” can be substituted with “grandmother” or “nanny” or anyone who lends a caring hand.

box of crayons with words "Color Outside the Lines"

Mothers encourage our creativity.

Mary Poppins quote about finding fun in every job

Mothers show us that the mundane can still be playful, and babies teach us the same.

A Ticht Nat Han quote about the presence of mothers.

Mothers are always present for us.

a quote for mothers about not comparing children

Motherhood is not a competition.

An inspirational quote, "Keep calm and make tea."

Offer a mother the chance for a simple break. Watch her child while she makes a cup of tea.

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