About Stellar Caterpillar®

infant gross motor skill development: baby rolling

Mastering Milestones and Cultivating Confidence During Baby’s First Year…

As children, most of us impatiently watched the caterpillar, day after day, wanting to see that butterfly!  First she crawled around with all those legs, then she hid in a cocoon for weeks and weeks where it looked like nothing was happening, and then, fi-nal-ly…those beautiful wings poked out and we watched her fly!  Like caterpillar, baby goes through a sequence of developmental phases before she walks and runs.  For both baby and caterpillar each stage has its purpose!  This website explores what each movement phase teaches your baby and how to gently assist the learning of every new skill.  Then baby emerges from infancy prepared to master the world of the upright!

Stellar Caterpillar®, founded by Donna Eshelman, is a guide for creating joyful, confident babies and connected parents.  Interwoven from a variety of movement disciplines, the Stellar Caterpillar® philosophy centers on fitness and neuromuscular education for healthy babies.  The Stellar Caterpillar® program is a catalyst for physical, emotional and cognitive growth. It is designed to support and enrich the natural process of early learning through an educational website, hands-on lessons and vibrant human connection.  Our simple aim is to give wing.

Contact Donna for private lessons and/or group classes at donna@stellarcaterpillar.com.  Those living out of town may be able to arrange a session via Skype.