baby rattle

The favorite baby rattle is this one.  Every baby that comes in for a lesson loves to play with this Brio bell rattle.  The parents soon ask, “Where did you get that rattle?  She loves it!”  The question to ask, however, is “Why does she enjoy playing with that particular rattle?”


This rattle is quite simple in its design, yet it is the most coveted toy in my studio.  The reason, I would like to suggest, is that it stimulates multiple senses:  hearing, touch, and sight.  In previous posts we discussed  the importance of a rattle that makes sound clearly and easily.  This rattle not only makes a very clear and distinct sound, but the cage design allows baby to see the bell move.  This stimulates both hearing and sight.   Touch is stimulated because the cage bars are very thin in diameter, making it easy to hold and easy to shake and produce the sound.  Baby is also able to stick part of a finger in between the bars and attempt to touch the bell.  She can hear the bell, see the bell, and touch the bell.  This is very interesting for her and she learns a lot from this process of exploration.


This rattle is wonderful to introduce for baby play when she is about 3 or 4 months old.  It is more complex than the rattles recommended for newborns, and yet it is small enough for her to easily manipulate.  The design is closed at both ends so there is no danger of poking with a pointy rattle tip.  The lightweight plastic material makes it light enough to make it easy for her to shake and create a magical sound.


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