baby is on her back while teacher bends her knees to her chest

First I bend my knees to become round like a ball...

baby rolls onto her side where she feels her elbow touch the floor

Then I roll onto my side and feel the support of my elbow...

baby rolls onto her hip joints to transition to a sitting position

Next I feel how I can move my hip joints as I push with my elbow and hand... I am...sitting up!

baby learns motor milestone development of transitioning from sitting to rolling

Now, my teacher shows me that I need to know how to reverse myself and go back down on the floor. This is so I can move in and out of the sitting position on my own.

baby rolls onto her back from the sitting position is her motor milestone development

Wow, here I am on my back again!


In the above photo essay, a seven month old baby learns how to get into and out of the sitting position on her own.  It is important that babies have the independence to move in and out of positons.  This means that the gross motor skill of rolling to sit and should also be the skill of sitting to rolling.  In Stellar Caterpillar lessons, I often observe babies that are put into the sitting position and then are stuck there.  They did not get there on their own so they are “stuck.”  They can not move.  They are in a static positon.  We want to encourage independence which emerges from the ability to direct oneself in movement, to decide to go somewhere else and be able to do so.


Babies who receive Stellar Caterpillar  lessons and/or classes become very independent and self-directed.  They follow their inner curiosity with their body movement.  If they see something across the room that intrigues them, then they can roll from the sitting positon down onto the floor and crawl over and explore what it is.  Another example of skill reversability is the gross motor skill of sitting to stand and standing to sit.  The baby put in the standing position while being held up by her parent is not able to follow what her wants to do with his movement.  He has no choice.  The baby who learns to stand up from a crawling or sitting position and then to reverse herself back down to the crawling positon can see something an interesting toy on the floor and easily sit back down to play with it.


We have written several posts on the baby milestone of sitting.  Why is sitting important?  Because it frees the arms and hands to explore.  Just remember that sitting is either a postion or a transition.  A postion is a static posture (i.e., for playing with a toy) and a transition is a movement. Many parents think of it as a positon only.  Once the baby is independently walking you will observe her go from lying on her back to rolling, passing through sitting, coming to stand, and then walking.  All of this will happend seamlessly in a few seconds if she has mastered the Top 10 Stellar Caterpillar Motor Milestones.  To develop the transition of sitting is to give your child many choices in movement and freedom of playful exploration, and every parent wants that for his/her baby!


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