Donna Eshelman uses hands to show baby how to move her hips.

A Stellar Caterpillar instructor shows baby how to feel her leg initiate a roll.

Question from a reader:  My baby learned how to roll from her back to her tummy.  Do you have any tips on how to guide her from her tummy to her back?

Stellar Caterpillar:  Every movement skill begins with proprioception of the body parts that generate the movement.  In the motor skill of rolling, the leg and pelvis are the initiators of the movement.  The pelvis is a large bone that connects to the spine, so when it begins to roll it takes the torso, arms, and head with it.  In the top photo, Donna is showing Zizu how she can move her pelvis right and left, in rotation.  This is the movement that ultimately rolls baby from the tummy to the back.  By placing hands firmly on the hip joints, the place where the thigh meets the pelvis, baby increases her awareness of that area.  When she feels those bones more clearly she can move them more easily.  In the bottom photo, Donna shows Zizu how the leg initiates the rotation of the pelvis.  As baby learns to bend her leg up and in toward her hip, the pelvis will begin to rotate and she will roll onto her back.

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