“What activities do you recommend for my 8 month old baby,”  is a question I am frequently asked.  When baby is mobile enough to get around but not walking, parents are stuck on which baby toys encourage her development.  The answer is easy if you understand that from about 6-9 months of age babies engage with toys a bit longer now and like to bang, shake, squeeze, and bite them.  Provide them with objects that can make sounds when they manipulate them, and it is a source of great curiosity and joy.  Some of the best baby toys at this age can be found right in your own kitchen.  Take a wooden spoon and an aluminum mixing bowl, some stackable measuring cups, and some measuring spoons on a ring and you will give baby much to play with.  At this age they also enjoy games with appearing and disappearing faces or objects such as peek-a-boo and are beginning to discover the task of emptying a bag.  Below is a list of toys and activities for this age range.  Notice that many of these toys are cost free, such as the baby songs, peek-a-boo games, and paper tearing.


  1. A Ball–one that is soft and clear
  2. Car Keys
  3. Bells on a Stick
  4. Kitchen Items (bowl, wooden spoon, stackable measuring cups and spoons, etc.)
  5. Small Wooden Blocks
  6. Doll (they love faces)
  7. Squeeze-Squeak Toys
  8. Baby Books with lift-the-flap or textures
  9. Baby Songs–sing them with hand gestures
  10. Paper-tearing or crumpling (Just don’t let them eat it!)
  11. Peek-a-Boo Games
  12. Hand Puppets

Always remember to keep everything baby safe:  non-breakable, no sharp corners or parts, no electrical parts, non-toxic materials, and no small pieces which can be a choking hazard or pinch fingers.  Supervise carefully, please.


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