Enjoy these adorable pins from, one of the fastest growing social media sites today.  Simple images show some of the motor skills babies enjoy learning!   A game for baby can be as simple as teaching her to imitate you while you stick out your tongue, which is also beneficial for speech development.   Our Pinterst boards “Motor Skill Games” and “Baby Exercise” offer plenty of ideas for baby play while developing the motor milestones.  One of the pins below shows a game created by a clever mom. She constructed colorful fabric squares and then stuffed them inside an empty baby wipe box for her daughter to practice pulling them out while sitting.  One of our Pinterest boards is devoted to “Mommy Crafts” for more DIY ideas.  See if you can capture some of these motor skill moments during baby’s first year for your family photo album.  And, don’t forget to follow Stellar Caterpillar on Pinterest!

a baby holds a spoon

Motor Skill of Grasping: Baby learns to hold a spoon

baby learns to stick his tongue out

Speech Development: Learn to move the tongue


baby stretches his arms

Motor Skill of Reaching: Stretching the arms

baby holds both feet with both hands and claps feet together

Motor Skills of Kicking, Grasping and Reaching

baby empties a box

Motor Skill of Sitting while Grasping and Reaching


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