Babies are motivated by curiosity and exploration.  Learn some DIY Mommy Crafts to make at home for baby play to encourage motor skill development and the learning that occurs through the five senses.  Below are some screen shots from Stellar Caterpillar’s Pinterest Board “Mommy Crafts.”  For the young babies create a mobile or 3D nursery art to stimulate baby sight.  Her eyes are still developing and she sees movement of objects probably more clearly than their color or shape.   Read “What a Newborn Sees” and “Babies’ Eyes and Movement Skill Development” to learn what will stimulate baby’s sight for her age.  Create hand puppets and read our post “Baby Cruising Fast” for an example of how to use a puppet or stuffed animal to stimulate the motor skill of cruising.  When baby learns to walk make some DIY bubbles for her to chase.  Learn some simple home-made crafts for activities that motivate movement and inspire learning which is beneficial for the development of your baby.

3D cloud as a nursery mobile

3D Nursery Art to stimulate baby eyesight

DIY Board Book for baby

DIY Board Book stimulates speech development in baby

bunny hand puppets for baby play

Hand Puppets to encourage motor skill development such as cruising

baby play sensory bags

Sensory Bags for Baby Play to stimulate the sense of touch

DIY Bubbles

DIY Bubbles for baby play after reaching the motor milestone of walking

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