baby sleepsuit


Newborn babies sleep very well when swaddled.  The pressure of the fabric against their muscles and bones help them sense their bodies more clearly and they feel more secure as a result.  This physical sensation created by the cloth fabric replicates the experience of being in the womb where baby feels pressure from the water.  Parents learn to swaddle baby in order to quiet baby for naps and for sleeping through the night.  Soon, they ask “When do I stop swaddling baby?” Many parents stop swaddling baby by the age of two to three months.  As babies begin to learn to feel their limbs stretch and learn the early motor skill of rolling onto their tummy, the swaddling can be restrictive and potentially dangerous.


Transitioning baby from swaddling to no swaddling is not so easy sometimes.  The key is to create a similar physical sensation for them of the pressure on their body which makes them feel secure without the restriction of the fabric wound around them.  This concept is the idea behind a “sleepsuit.”  The thickness of the fabric and the snug fit help baby feel secure so she can sleep through the night.  A favorite sleepsuit is Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit.  Designed to create a “cozy, calming, and safe sleep environment,” the Magic Sleepsuit is an excellent transition out of the swaddling.  Developed by a pediatric physical therapist who is also a mother of four, the idea behind the magic sleepsuit was how to prolong the duration and quality of a baby’s sleep.  One of the most important events in the development of a baby is sleep.  With a good night of sleep on a daily basis they have more energy for their motor skill development.  Next, we would like Magic Merlin to create a sleepsuit for tired mommies.

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