About Donna Eshelman

Donna Eshelman holding infant student

Donna Eshelman, M.A., G.C.F.P., is a Movement Specialist and founder of Stellar Caterpillar®, an innovative infant-focused practice that teaches skilled movement to healthy babies.  Integrating a graduate degree in dance from UCLA and international studies in kinesiology, movement analysis, and motor-learning, Donna has created movement techniques that are a catalyst for physical, emotional and cognitive growth.  Through workshops, lectures, and her enlightening website, she teaches that movement training enhances much more than just motor development, it creates physical confidence and fosters positive self-image.

Donna’s 17+ years of professional life includes post graduate certifications in The Feldenkrais Method® from Florence, Italy, The Child’Space Chava Shelhav Method of Infant Development from Chicago, and Bones for Life® with Ruthy Alon in Los Angeles.  Her training in yoga, pilates, national and international dance traditions, aromatherapy and nutrition enhance her post graduate specialty certifications and teaching programs.  A respected educator with a thriving practice in Los Angeles, California,  she is a forerunner in the dynamic and joyful world of movement as it applies to health, wellness and our connection to the world around us.