Q:  Is this work is for babies who are developmentally delayed, or having some difficulty learning a motor skill?

A:  NO.  This work is for healthy babies.  The goal is to provide them with clues toward their next movement skill so they learn it on their own in a timely manner and enjoy the process.  The end result is that they develop confidence in their ability to move around and relate to the world which creates a stronger self-image.

Q:  Aren’t babies are going to learn to do those skills anyway?

A:  NO.  Although it is true that babies brains are hard-wired to learn the skills of rolling, crawling, etc., many skip one or more developmental stages.  We would like babies to go through as many of the stages as possible so they get the benefit each skill provides.  With the gentle guidance of Stellar Caterpillar® tips, parents can participate in making that happen for baby in a fun way.  Babies enjoy these lessons!

Q:  My baby is completely normal, so why would I need this information?

A:  This is about developing skill.  Would you rather be a “normal” track and field runner  or a “skilled” one?  Would you rather be a “average” ballet dancer or an “exceptional” one?  When the mother of a seven year-old girl says to a friend that she is taking her daughter to ballet class, the friend does not ask, “Why, is there something wrong with her?”  She knows this little girl will develop better posture, balance, coordination, and grace from these lessons, all to her advantage for the rest of her life.  When the mother of a 7 month-old baby says to a friend “I am taking my son to swimming lessons,” her friend does not ask, “Why?  Does he have a problem?”  She knows very soon he will become more agile, coordinated, stronger, and safer in the water, which benefits him for the rest of his life.  Stellar Caterpillar® lessons guide baby to discover the optimal coordination, balance, and strength for each movement learned during their first year, and laying the groundwork for years of joyful movement ahead.

Q:  For many years people never took babies to movement lessons, why now?

A:  Current research shows that infants have far more capacity to learn than previously understood.  This research has led to a recent explosion of work with babies across disciplines.  See the section of “baby research” to learn more about this topic.

Q:  Do you push the baby to do something she is not ready to do?

A:  NO.  We understand that learning new movement happens when the brain and body are ready, and only when engaging the curiosity of the infant.  We engage their attention and provide a few clues for their next movement, and if they are ready it will happen soon.  When the baby is fussy, tired, or hungry, she will not learn very easily, so we let her rest.  As a baby continues lessons, the number of minutes she can pay attention expands weekly.  And, the big smiles I see when they arrive for Stellar Caterpillar® lessons is proof enough that babies love learning something new!

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