Mission / Vision

A baby with advanced motor skills appears happy and confident.


Stellar Caterpillar® connects babies with the natural joy in their innate motor development and teaches parents about the immense benefits that skilled movement techniques can provide. With a deep understanding that conscientious movement fosters not only physical mastery in babies, but enhances self-esteem, increases cognitive development and inspires delight – Stellar Caterpillar® creates the perfect platform for strong self-image. Through playful movement lessons, group classes and an insightful, educational website, we provide skills to parents that guide baby through each exciting micro-stage of skill development.


Stellar Caterpillar® strives to be the forerunner in a shift in thinking about the early stages of motor development. Through physical movement exploration we teach babies their own fantastic ability to be stable, coordinated and confident.  Stellar Caterpillar’s® vision is to create a dynamic platform to share knowledge about the vast benefits and delights of conscious and skilled movement for healthy babies.  We strive to bring this knowledge and these techniques to individuals, regardless of ethnic or economic demographics, to parents on a global scale, and to professional communities.