Happy Parent of a Stellar Caterpillar baby

From parents of babies:

“Donna’s work with Madeline is really paying off. She is super stable, strong and confident and figuring out how to get down the stairs by herself too.”—Kristan, mother of Madeline

“After every session, Ivan could do something he could not do before.”—David, father of Ivan

“Aya really enjoys her sessions with Donna!”–Shirley, mother of Aya

From MFA students in Acting:

“80% of what I learned this year was from Donna!”

“Donna keeps all her teaching SIMPLE.  She gives step by step instructions and shows you–teaches you–how to do something.”

“The work we did with the body and what I learned about nutrition has changed my life and made me a better actor.”

“I have not only learned about my body, but also about the world around me.”