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I frequently get asked:  “Where did you get that rattle?  She LOVES it!”, or “My niece is having a baby and I would like to get two books for the new parents as a baby shower gift, which do you recommend?”, or  “I know you changed all of your cleaning products to green cleaning products, would you please give me that list?”  After recreating these lists many, many times, I have created them on for your convenience.  Just look on the right-hand side of any page under “Tools for Parents,” click on the appropriate link, and it should take you to my lists on  Experts from the fields of motor development, speech development, parenting programs, sustainable living, literary publishing, psychology, and nutrition contribute to these lists, along with experienced parents.

Stellar Caterpillar and/or Donna Eshelman are not affiliates of and do not receive any profit from  We encourage supporting small family businesses when possible, yet also appreciate the convenience factor offered by web retailers such as amazon.