unique baby shower gifts that cultivate motor skill development


I am frequently asked, “I have a baby shower to go to, is there a book you would recommend?”  or “My niece just had a baby, is there a toy or rattle you could suggest for a baby gift?”  With the abundance of books, rattles, toys and baby gear on the market and the millions of dollars in marketing promoting them, choosing gifts wisely has probably never been more difficult.  Today we share:

5 Unique Baby Shower Gift IDEAS

1.  Stellar Caterpillar Lessons (private, class, or virtual):  What an original baby gift for a new mother to gain a few tips on how to best guide baby’s motor skill development!  We coach mothers on buying developmental gear and toys  and how to cultivate a strong self-image for baby through movement.  A private lesson, group class, or virtual lesson also offers mom playful activities to try at home with baby.  Contact Donna to customize a baby shower lesson gift.

2.  Infant Swimming Lessons:  Is there a pool in your area that offers swimming lessons for baby?  This is the fun baby shower gift that probably no one else will think to get.  Parents will love taking baby into the water for a fun outing.  Read our post “Can Babies Swim?” to know what to look for in a swim school.

3.  Developmental Rattles (a single rattle or a set):  Read our posts on “Best Baby Rattles” to learn how to choose one that a tiny baby can learn to shake. Add in a few more spanning a developmental time period or offering a range of sounds.  One of the best baby shower gifts is a set of 5 rattles ranging from a tiny one for a newborn to a larger squeaky one for a 9-month-old.  Think simple in shape and construction and interesting in sound. That is all she needs!

4.  Baby’s First Library:  A dear friend, a literary agent, shared with me her creative baby gift.  Choose a selection of board books from our Amazon Listmania “Best Books for Babies” list.  Favorites for the newborn include “Pat the Bunny,” “Goodnight Moon,” “Black on White”/”White on Black,” “Moo, Baa, La La La,” and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”

5.  Books for Mom:  “Diary of a Baby” & “What’s Going On In There?”:  A shower gift of these two books provide some of the best information for moms on development.  “Diary of a Baby” is a quick and easy-to-read book on emotional and physical development that can be read at various stages.  “What’s Going On In There?” makes a great reference book, as it spans five years of baby’s development.  Both are listed on the “Best Books for New Parents” Amazon Listmania list.