Baby in a Stellar Caterpillar motor skill class with Donna Eshelman.

Stellarcaterpillar.com® is an on-line interactive guide that brings accessible, up to the minute education to parents about how their babies learn natural movement patterns.  This site highlights the benefit skilled movement techniques have on a child’s physical and cognitive development.  Stellar Caterpillar® is also a highly developed program of skilled movement techniques taught by Donna Eshelman.  If you are new here, read About Stellar Caterpillar®.  This is an interactive site, please email with any questions!

Individual lessons, group classes, and webinars are available.  Stellar Caterpillar® is based in Los Angeles, so those local to the area can obtain scheduling information via the email above.  The lessons are based in the Feldenkrais Method® of neuromuscular reeducation along with the recent research in the fields of infant development and neuroscience which demonstrate how positively babies benefit from stimulation.  This program of lessons for infants and parents was developed by Chava Shelhav, PhD., who was one of the first thirteen students trained by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in the 1970′s.  Shelhav taught for many years, trained teachers in the Feldenkrais Method®, completed masters and doctorate degrees in movement, and later developed this work.  She successfully taught the work in Europe and Israel, and recently introduced it to the United States.  Donna Eshelman teaches classes based in this method supplemented with additional studies.